Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving Thanks

Someone said on 'Thanksgiving Eve' that this is the only holiday that isn't corrupted by commercialization. On Thanksgiving, you don't buy gifts, or candy, or tons of little plastic eggs, or even boxes of cardboard valentines. You get together with friends or family and appreciate each other. Safeway trying to sell you discount turkeys is about as commercial as it gets.

I have a new appreciation for Thanksgiving this year. I think it is a special holiday. Not the history of it-- I of course hate the land-thievin' native-deceiving settlers as much as the next decent person-- but the idea of having a day devoted just to gratitude. In my case the whole week has seemed like Thanksgiving because school is out.

I am grateful for so many of my experiences this week. I am grateful for going on a walk in the park with a new friend and his dog, where the pathways were strewn with leaves and we sat on logs overhanging the creek, chatting about life. I'm grateful for spending the night before Thanksgiving with my silly drunken neighbors, playing Pokemon Monopoly and wrestling on the floor, after baking pumpkin pie and making cranberry sauce. I'm grateful for going to the hot springs on the day of Thanksgiving, sitting in warm water looking up at the blue sky, surrounded by mountains and trees and naked people everywhere, with my boyfriend giving me a massage. I'm grateful for the deer I saw yesterday, and the good food and friends to eat it with.

I'm also grateful for the growth I'm experiencing in my life right now. I'm becoming more centered and grounded in myself. I'm learning to meet my own needs, to take care of myself. I give thanks for all the abundant support I receive.

Feliz Dia de las Gracias!

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