Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do Who You Are, Love What You Do

Lately, I've been thinking about whether or not we are what we do.

It seems that some would rather believe we are not what we do, because they want to see themselves as separate from the actions they have taken which they are ashamed of or otherwise regret.

I've been thinking though, there's two problems I have with this line of reasoning. The first is that I promote unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves no matter what we do. The other is that I think we are what we do, not what we have done. We are what we are doing in this moment. Write now (freudian slip), I am writing.

Get it? I'm writing. I am writing.

I am Meagan.

I am Writing.

Earlier, I was dancing.

Thus, I think that the fact that we are ashamed of some of the things we do is not cause to separate from these actions and disown them, but to love them compassionately, and all the feelings that go with them. Because no matter what we are doing or have done, we are alive, and that is reason enough to celebrate.

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  1. To explain the point about not being what we have done, I mean that just because I at one time used to kill ants for fun as a kid, doesn't necessarily make me an ant killer. But even if it does I still love myself, and I am also, now, a great lover and saver of ants, taking them outside to a bush often when they are in a building.