Monday, February 15, 2016

Sweet Activist Love

I want you to make sweet activist love to me
I want you to hold my head in your hands; help ease the pressure from utopian visions pounding to get out.
I want to wrap my legs around you and press my face in your tears
for whales dying from navy sonar.
I feel our fellow ache for a just world making me wet 
Help me release this tension between the world I want and the world we have 
with orgasms that blow up dams--
Grasping each others hair in vain attempts to hang on to another endangered species shedding from this alopecic world;
Laying my head on your chest I hear blood gurgle like tides of spilled oil on sandy beaches.

I need to grieve with my body.
Does your body creak with rusty joints of hidden despair?
Overloaded information conveying suffering from all corners of Earth sends me into numbness.
How can I make love to you when children are losing limbs from bombs made by my neighbors' labor?
While I enact the myth I need a man to be my savior. 

Save me
Save me from the terror of globalization with your touch
Save me from the tragedy of extinction in your embrace
Save me from helplessness learned in female socialization by listening to my desires as intently as you listen to Democracy Now

When our escapism and rejuvenation 
Have culminated in a sticky pile of privileged guilt and shame
Cuddling ourselves back into this reality
Pulling each other up to go 
To the next march
The skill share workshop
the strategy meeting

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